I’m a software developer interested in web-based apps, ethical / explainable AI, and bringing coding to others.

I started programming at Hotchkiss, back in 2013. I took the one and only Java class then left off until college.

I graduated from Pomona College in 2019 with a BA in Computer Science, then stuck around for the summer and fall as part of a post-bacc research year. Working with professor Joe Osborn we authored “The Videogame Affordances Corpus” at EXAG 2019, which was the first paper for our ‘Formal Analysis of Interactive Media (FAIM) Lab’. My work over that year focused mainly on testing Pytorch models to analyze in-game screenshots from a collection of classic action and adventure games.

Through the pandemic I took a contract role for an Edu-tech startup Edlyft (started by some fellow Hotchkiss alums!)

In January of 2021 I started a job with Cascade Financial Services doing Python automation and working on some legacy projects.

The only machine learning I work on there focuses on mortgage returns and already has established models and usecases. So I started part-time teaching AI and Python topics with AI Camp to get back to education and ML.